For online lodgment with the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations ('the Registrar')


  1. By participating in the online lodgment system the directors, secretary or contact person of the corporation will be deemed, by the Registrar, to have agreed to these terms and conditions.

  2. Use of the Registrar's online lodgment system is voluntary.

  3. The directors, secretary or contact person of the corporation may elect to withdraw from participating in the online lodgment system at any time by notifying the Registrar in writing, by mail, fax or email. The relevant contact details can be found at www.oric.gov.au

  4. The Registrar may decide to terminate the online lodgment system, or withdraw the corporation's access, at any time. In either case the corporation must resume lodgment by alternative means.

  5. The online lodgment system does not affect the corporation's or the corporation's officers' obligations to lodge documents with the Registrar as required under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (the Act). Failure to meet those obligations may incur penalties under the Act.

  6. It is the responsibility of the directors, secretary or contact person of the corporation to:

    • Keep the corporation's password confidential
    • Take reasonable steps to ensure unauthorised people do not have access to the password
    • Notify the Registrar immediately if the confidentiality of the password is compromised.

  7. The Registrar will assume the submission of any document, authenticated by use of the corporation's password, was authorised by the directors, secretary or contact person of the corporation.

  8. The corporation's directors, secretary or contact person must ensure they have compatible software and hardware to make the connection to the Registrar's office required for online lodgment, if they choose to use it. The corporation must obtain and pay for its own internet access or other communication link to the Registrar's office.

  9. The Registrar is entitled to rely on any document that is electronically submitted using a password issued to the corporation by the Registrar's office, unless, prior to lodgment, the Registrar received notice from the directors, secretary or contact person of the corporation that the lodgment was not authorised, and had reasonable time to act accordingly.

  10. The Registrar is unable to guarantee that electronic lodgment through the internet will be available or will function or perform as expected. The Registrar will not be liable to the corporation, its directors, secretary, contact person or any other person for any loss, damage, costs or expenses of any kind arising out of or in connection with any delay, omission, default, negligence or error by the Registrar in relation to the availability, functionality or performance of the electronic lodgment system.